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Losing Weight

I decided to lose weight once I saw my college graduation pictures.

I knew that I had gained weight in college. I didn’t realize how much weight I
gained until I was home and interviewing for jobs. People looked at me and treated me differently. I wanted to make a change not only for myself, but for my career. I had to take the first job that was offered to me because I didn’t believe I would get a job in the industry I was interested in.

The most challenging part of my journey was realizing I could eat anything I wanted, but within my points. Before Weight Watchers, I tried to lose weight by starving myself. I was taught that food was the enemy and to lose weight, you can’t eat food. It was scary. There are so many crazy diets that encourage you not to eat. The most exciting part was realizing that I could eat anything. I could eat 26 points of ice cream if I wanted to! There’s also the challenge of not reverting back into my old habits of not eating properly and not exercising. It’s important to continue to challenge yourself and set little goals. This is what keeps me on track.


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