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Food Face-Off: Frozen Pizza

When I became gluten free, I had to do research on popular food brands. Udi’s was the first one to pop up and I figured I’d pick up a frozen pizza to keep in the freezer as a good fall back if I didn’t feel like cooking.

Margherita is my favorite so I went with that flavor.Udi's Margherita Pizza

The pizza has 2 servings in it and it was super easy to prepare, basically just had to pop it in the oven. The ingredients are okay and I can pronounce almost all of them.

This tasted and looked like frozen pizza. It was edible, but I had much higher expectations for the flavor, taste and appearance. It looked nothing like the box.Β Gluten Free 3 Cheese Pizza

If you’re buying a frozen gluten free pizza, I’d recommend the Trader Joe’s Gluten Free 3 Cheese Pizza. Let me know your thoughts below on these 2 pizzas or any other brands I should try.


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