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Food Evolution

My mom cut out a lot of coupons to restaurants for me that offered gluten free options. One of them was Food Evolution. It’s a fast food restaurant (for lack of a better name) with healthy, organic and natural options. You can order a burger, salad or bowl. There’s also frozen yogurt, sides, breakfast and smoothies. There’s many gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. I ordered the bowl option when I was there.

For the bowl, you can choose to have a base of quinoa, mixed greens or sauteed spinach, choose a protein (ground beef, salmon, ground bison, tofu, chicken, veggie burger, beans, steak) and then a flavor style. I ordered the quinoa/millet/brown rice base with tofu and the carribean style. It was delicious. I also had the wicked cucumber smoothie.

There’s so many flavor options and the menu is very diverse so there is something for every type of eater. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.


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