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I was first introduced to Popcorners on the airplane (I always fly JetBlue and get snacks!) and I loved these even before I was gluten free. Popcorners are a combination of popcorn and potato chips; they are popped corn chips. I like popcorn, but only eat it in the winter for some reason. I love potato chips and have no willpower. Popcorners are a good middle ground.

They come in a few different flavors: butter, kettle, sea salt, white cheddar, cheesy jalapeno, sweet chili and caramel. I’ve tried the butter, sea salt and kettle and they are all delicious. I have the white cheddar and sweet chili in my pantry. My favorite flavor depends on my mood.


I actually just went on the website and it looks like they make popped whole grain chips now. I’ve never tried them, but now I’ll look for them in the supermarket. Have you? Let me know what you think below!


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