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Sam’s of Gedney Way

I ate at Sam’s of Gedney Way back in July for a belated birthday dinner. I picked the restaurant because it had a huge gluten free menu including foods that normally aren’t gluten free. I just went to look at the menu again and it looks like it changes with the season. I love when restaurants do that!

I confirmed with the waiter that I was ordering from the gluten free menu. I thought I didn’t have to worry about anything until my gazpacho was brought out with croutons in it. I assumed they were gluten free, but I checked with the waiter who then checked with the chef and I was given the wrong soup! I received new soup and they took it off the check. You always have to be aware.

For dinner, I created my own dish from the dishes on the menu. I wanted steak, polenta fries and roasted cauliflower. My dinner was delicious.

I also saved room for dessert and ordered the Nutella-Gluten-Free. Amazing. If you love chocolate or nutella or caramel or dessert, you have to try this.

Even though I had a soup incident, I would go back to Sam’s. I enjoyed my food and I want to try the new gluten free menu! Have you eaten here before? What do you think? Any recommendations?


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