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Whenever I go to the supermarket, I always pick up some turkey and deli meats to keep in the fridge. It’s a healthy and protein filled snack and also a great salad topping. A lot of processed or non-processed meats have nitrates (among other scary ingredients) in them to help “maintain freshness.” I don’t buy any of that, which is why I always purchase the brand Applegate. It’s a little more expensive, but it is worth it.

I’ve tried a few different items from Applegate and I loved each one of them. The only ingredients in the turkey/chicken/ham is turkey/chicken/ham. No preservatives!

Here are the deli meats I switch off purchasing:applegate-farms-organic-roasted-turkey

Natural Roasted Chicken Breast, Natural Roasted Turkey Breast, Natural Slow Cooked Ham, Natural Smoked Turkey Breast

applegate-gf-chicken-nuggetsI also tried the Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets & Chicken Tenders. Oh my gosh. They taste and smell like fast food chicken nuggets. You have to try these! They are so flavorful!


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