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Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest

I attended the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest this past weekend in Stamford, CT. I had a great time meeting so many nice people, making new friends, trying delicious food and being introduced to many different brands. There’s a lot more gluten free brands out there than I thought! I also got sooooooo many samples and coupons!


I’ll be featuring all of the samples that I received over the next few weeks. I can’t eat everything at once! But overall, I had a great time!


I do want to say that my boyfriend loved Dee’s One Smart Cookies cupcakes. He ate about 4 of them and couldn’t believe they were gluten free and better than regular gluten filled cupcakes! He doesn’t have to eat gluten free like me so it was nice that we were able to find something we could both enjoy. We will definitely be placing an order!



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