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Midnight Snacking

I’ve been known to midnight snack. I’ve stopped in recent years because I’ve implemented the 12 hour kitchen rule. Junk food just seems rational late at night. Don’t cave into your fake cravings.

“Metabolism is linked to the time of day because the body’s internal clock regulates calorie expenditure depending on if it is night or day. Eating late, when your system’s slowed down, may lead to weight gain. Therefore, as important as what you eat may be when you eat.” – The Atlantic.

Late at night, you aren’t really hungry. You’re eating to fill a void or eliminate boredom and it can be detrimental to your health. Try doing something else. Painting your nails is always a good option because you can’t eat while waiting for your nails to dry!

What do you do to stop late night eating? Let me know below!



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