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One of the more well-known brands at the Gluten Free Expo was EnjoyLife. I’ve heard of the brand, but have not tried any of their products because there are so many ingredients! As you know, I pay attention to the ingredients on the few packaged foods I eat. I received a few free samples so I figured I give you my thoughts.

Crunchy Sugar Crisp CookieSugar Crisp Crunchy CookieΒ – I liked these cookies. They were sweet and hard just the right amount of crunch. Being a chocolate girl, these were a good substitute for one night. I ended up eating 2 cookies with a glass of milk, but one cookie was satisfying. If I see these cookies in the supermarket, I will buy them!

smores_barS’mores Bar – I was so excited to try this as I love s’mores! There’s nothing like the toasted marshmallow, melted chocolate and crunchy graham cracker. I opened the bar, took a bite and threw it away. For lack of a better description, it was not edible. I don’t know if mine was stale or expired, but I do not recommend these bars.

Enjoy-Life-Baked-Chewy-Bars-Gluten-Free-Sunbutter-Crunch-853522000627SunSeed Crunch Chewy Bar – I actually thought these would taste like peanut butter and I was looking forward to trying them. I was wrong. I missed the memo that no peanuts were involved. These were okay, much better than the s’mores bar. I would not buy them.

PlentilsPlentils – These were good and come in a few different flavors: sea salt, dill & sour cream, margherita pizza, garlic & parmesan. I liked the sea salt and dill & sour cream flavors the best while Brandon liked the margherita pizza. He loves anything pizza.

What should I try from Enjoylife next? Let me know below!


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