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Lundberg Rice Chips

I received the Lundberg Rice Chips in the FoodHotIssue box. These stood out to me because of the blue packaging and that they were rice chips. I assumed they were a cross between a potato chip and a rice cake so I was intrigued. I also really like the Lundberg brown rice cakes so I had high expectations.

lundberg rice chipsThese chips were interesting. They were very hearty and filling but did not have the best flavor. I was expecting a little bit more especially since I like the rice cakes so much. I think it had a lot to do with the sea salt flavor.

Will I purchase them? Probably not. Would I eat them if they were at a party? Yes. Would I recommend them? Eh, no. There’s a lot more chips out there that I like more. I wish I enjoyed these more than I did.

I just went on the website and it looks like they redesigned there packaging. I love the new packaging. I was just found out these come in different flavors. I would totally try the fiesta lime and pice de gallo. Have you tried either? Let me know if I should below!


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