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Snikiddy Baked Fries

Fries. I love fries. I think sometimes they are food group. Anyone that knows me will tell you that. I’m so happy that potatoes are gluten free. I would have such an issue πŸ™‚

When I saw Snikiddy Baked Fries in the FoodHotIssue box, I was filled with excitement. Fries! In a chip form! Mind blown!

snikiddy_baked_fries I had no idea what to expect. Would they taste like regular potato chips or like the skinny skinny potato chips we used to eat when we were children? The cheddar cheese flavor through me for a loop too. I took a bite and I was hooked. They actually tasted like a healthy form of cheese doodles! Cheese doodles! They were so crunchy and the cheese did not get on my hands as much as I thought they would.

Would I purchase these? Yes! Would I recommend these? Yes! I’m going to go research where I can buy them around me because I haven’t seen them in any store near me!


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