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Cosmos Creations Coconut Crunch

This was actually the product I was the most excited about trying when looking at all the products I was getting in the FoodHotIssue box. I love coconut and popcorn, but coconut popped corn? I’ve never even thought about combining those 2 flavors together. Bravo to Cosmos Creations for thinking of it!

cosmos_coconut_crunchI actually thought this was going to have a consistency similar to popcorn, but it was more puffed corn. Yes, like it says on the bag… The texture was similar to a cheese puff, light and fluffy. These were sweet, maybe too sweet. I had this with my salad for lunch and it was like I was eating dessert for lunch. I’m not complaining, but if I knew it was going to be that sweet, I would have saved it for dessert after dinner.

I don’t think I’d purchase this flavor, but I’d definitely be up for trying a more savory flavor!


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