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Way Better Snack – Sweet Potato

I actually didn’t notice that sweet that 3 e’s on the bag until now! Anyway, continuing on my rant of how much I love potatoes, sweet potatoes also have a special place in my stomach. I feel like they are a perfect mix of starch and sweet. Something I haven’t been in the stores a lot are sweet potato chips.

way_better_snacksSimply Sprouted Way Better Snacks are made from the perfect ingredients, everything I can pronounce and they don’t taste half bad too! These were good. They weren’t great, but they weren’t bad. These were better than the rice chips, but not as good as the baked fries if you wanted a comparison. Everyone tastes are different so I could recommend you trying all of them! I honestly don’t remember what these tasted like which isn’t a good sign, but again, I love the ingredients and I would totally try another flavor!


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