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Suja Juices

I want to start off with saying that I eat my calories. I love eating more than the next person. A few weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling too hot and I wasn’t hungry. That’s how I know something is up with me. I knew that I still needed to have some kind of nourishment so I picked up 2 Suja juices from Target. I went with the Mighty Greens and Carrot Crush because they were 100% juice aka no added crap.

suja juices

The Mighty Greens, as you can see, was basically all vegetables while the Carrot Crush was a vegetable and fruit mix. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Mighty Greens a lot more and would totally buy it again. The Mighty Greens didn’t taste chalky like most juices do because of all the vegetables; it was also sort of sweet too! The Carrot Crush did have a chalky finish. I can’t pinpoint what made this juice not juicey.

What do you think of the Suja juices?


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