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SunWarrior Vegan Protein

I started working with a trainer in June. She told me I need to start eating after I work out, specially protein. See I work out first thing in the morning before work at 6am. Eating is hard as I’m on a tight schedule and I eat breakfast at work at 9am. We decided I need to start having protein powder after my work out.

I was apprehensive at first because I have no intention on gaining weight. She told me that this would actually help me lose weight and so far, so good. Since I’m allergic to everything, I knew I wanted a vegan protein with minimal ingredients. I went to Vitamin Shoppe and they recommended SunWarrior.


This protein powder actually tastes pretty great. At first, I tried it with almond milk and wasn’t thrilled. I thought it would taste like chocolate milk? I was then told to use water. My view on protein powder changed.

I’ve repurchased the chocolate powder 3 times. I decided it was time to try the vanilla one. Maybe it’ll taste like a black and white?

What protein powder do you use? Let me know below!


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