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Babylon Mediterranean Restaurant

My mom wanted to eat at Babylon Mediterranean Restaurant on Saturday. Now since she told me this ahead of time aka on Friday, I was able to look at the menu beforehand. Nothing appeared to be gluten free so I called the restaurant. A lovely woman answered the phone and told me that the entire menu, besides the bread and bulgar wheat, was gluten free!

So Saturday finally rolled around. As soon as I sat down, I told the waiter I was gluten free. He pointed out the few dishes I would not be able to order (basically all of the hot appetizers but nbd) and was very knowledgable.

We ended up ordering 2 appetizers, the roasted eggplant with tomatoes and Baba Ghannoush. Well technically 3 because Brandon ordered the Spinach Rolls, but I couldn’t eat them. The restaurant also gave us an order of the Israeli salad on the house.


I was basically on cloud nine. The appetizers were delicious.

For my main dish, I ordered the lamb chops and gyro combo platter. I got a double order of rice since I couldn’t eat the bulgar wheat. It also came with some type of yogurt dipping sauce, delicious, a roasted pepper and tomato, red cabbage and romaine lettuce.


I can’t recommend this restaurant enough. My dish was delicious. I also wanted to show you what my mom (my dad ordered the same thing) and Brandon’s dishes. They aren’t gluten free because of the bulgar wheat and I wanted to include them because they would be gluten free if there wasn’t bulgar wheat!

Shish & Adana Kebab


Shish Kebab and Gyro


If you live in Bergen County, NJ or somewhere near here, you need to try this restaurant. The staff was so friendly and the food was outstanding. There’s really something for everyone on the menu. If you eat here, let me know below!


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