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Chanukah Dinner Party

Last Saturday night, yes during Chanukah on December 12, Brandon and I threw a small Chanukah Dinner Party. Since I was cooking, everything was going to be gluten free whether our guests liked it or not :). All the food was delicious and some people even said, “If you didn’t tell me this was gluten free, I would have never known.”

We started off the meal with latkahs. The men acted like they’ve never eaten before and the latkahs were basically gone before I could get a picture! They did save me like 2 though…

I then served gluten free matzah ball soup. I was a little nervous that they would turn out terrible, but they ended up tasting and looking like real matzah balls!


Our actual dinner consisted of Brandon’s crock pot brisket, chicken fried rice and roasted eggplant and broccoli.


It was actually kind of fun to cook for an entire afternoon. I did a lot of prep work beforehand so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed!

For dessert, we served a huge fruit platter, gluten free banana bread, gluten free rainbow cookies and my friend’s homemade desserts.

The dinner was an A+!

If you want any recipes, let me know below!


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