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Best Time of Day

Let’s talk about the brand: Best Time of Day. I had 2 of their snacks: Seaweed and Cacao. Before I even begin with this, these were the best snacks I’ve ever tasted. They are so healthy, excellent ingredients and super filling. You don’t even need to eat the serving size to be satisfied! My issue was they were so delicious, I just kept eating!

First up, the seaweed. This was very different than your traditional seaweed snack because it was substantial. Each piece of seaweed had puffed rice in the middle. It was sweet, salty and would satisfy any craving you have.


Now, on to the chocolate snack. These didn’t photograph well. They are brown and just cube of chocolate, but they are so much more than that. They tasted like kit kats. These are gluten free and much healthier. I believe the bag had 2 serving sizes, but it lasted me for 10 days. You only need 2-3 pieces to get your chocolate fix.

I’ve never seen this brand in the supermarket, but if I do, I’ll be purchasing these. They are so delicious and it’s 100% worth the extra money that I’m sure they cost!


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