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For book club this month, we decided to eat at Zinburger. Mostly because it was a Wednesday and there’s half priced wine on Wednesdays… Anyway, I was okay with this option because I know that Zinburger has gluten free buns and dedicated gluten free fryers. Well, I didn’t at the time but the waitress informed me that they did. I just had to order French fries after that guys! I just had to!

We actually got our French fries first. I ordered the plain fries and they were pretty good. They weren’t super salty or overcooked or undercooked. I ended up eating all of them, but I had a good reason to!


I didn’t order a gluten free bun since I ordered French fries! I thought it was a good decision. I just ordered a turkey burger with lettuce and tomato. The waitress knew I was gluten free so when our burgers were served, mine was on a bun. I sent that back right away telling the bus boy I was gluten free and just want a plain turkey burger. They were super busy and I think the kitchen was getting mixed messages. The manager ended up coming over to our table and apologized. She offered everyone free dessert since they messed up!!!

I finally got my turkey burger and it was good! Perfectly cooked.


Since dessert was free, I had to get it! I just had to! I got the Double Chocolate Milkshake and boy, was it chocolately! I basically ate the whipped cream and had 3 sips of the milkshake! It was free and very delicious. I never have milkshakes because of all the dairy in them. It upsets my stomach.


They asked me if I wanted a to go cup for my milkshake and I said no guys! I did so well!

Have you ever eaten at Zinburger? What do you think?


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