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Iron Horse

A few Saturday nights ago, we went out to eat at Iron Horse. It’s your typical casual American restaurant with many options for gluten free diners. Most of the menu was actually gluten free! This was great because I didn’t have to be a pain in the ass when ordering. I hate doing it, but it’s necessary.

We started off with the Burrata cheese. Brandon got me into this and we order it whenever it is on the menu. Delicious. I love cheese and tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. You really can’t go wrong.

Sorry, before all this, I ordered the sangria. The white wine sangria. It was the best sangria I’ve ever had. It tasted like mango. Fantastic. I highly highly recommend the sangria.


I was craving salmon so I went with that. I think it was a fall special. It came with lentils, butternut squash and some type of sauce. I usually never eat the sauce my protein comes with, but I did today because my fish was overcooked. I really liked the lentils and butternut squash. I’m going to have to try that combination for dinner one night!


Brandon got the Prime NY Steak. It was served on a hot rock and he cooked it while he ate it. It was so cool! He liked it and I thought the meat was chewy and not super flavorful. The baked potato and spinach were delicious though!


Overall, we had a good experience. We didn’t have the best waiter. I’m not sure we will go back because there was nothing amazing about it.


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