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Lexington Brass

I know. I know. Amanda, you’ve been eating out a lot lately. It’s the holiday season! Everyone wants to eat out! Also, since I don’t blog in real time, (sorry if you didn’t know that! It is too hard with a full time job!) it seems like I’ve been eating out more. I have, but not as much as it seems.

On the Sunday before Christmas, Brandon and I went to see the tree in Rockerfeller Center. We walked close enough to actually see the tree and then left. No picture. Everyone looks fat in their winter coats, so why take a picture in them? I don’t know.

After that, we walked a few blocks toΒ Lexington BrassΒ to meet Brandon’s mom and her boyfriend for brunch. I picked this restaurant ahead of time because they had gluten free options. It’s just so much easier…

We started off with the Fruit and Berry Jar. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was literally strawberries, blackberries and blueberries in a custard dish. There was no jar involved and there wasn’t a lot of berries. Actually, I just realized it was called the fruit and berry jar. THERE WAS NO FRUIT, ONLY BERRIES. I wasn’t very happy because it was $9. Oh Manhattan and overselling your menu items.

For my main dish, I went for the Pumpkin Spice Gluten Free Waffles. It ended up being a pumpkin spice gluten free waffle. There was no plural. I don’t get this menu.


My waffle came with a caramelized banana. The banana was amazing. The consistency of the waffle was very good. It was a little dense and heavy. There was also wayyyyyy too much pumpkin spice. It was overwhelming.

The service wasn’t great but then again we were there on a Sunday at 12pm. You can’t expect great service.

Would I go back? Yes. Definitely at a different time and not for brunch. I was a big fan that the gluten free items were denoted on the menu.

What restaurant would you recommend for brunch in Manhattan? Let me know below!


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