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Organic Tofu House

My best friend came to visit before Christmas and we decided to eat at restaurants that our boyfriends don’t enjoy eating. Chelsea’s pick was Korean! I was excited because I’ve only had Korean food once in my life, don’t remember what it tasted like and wanted to give it another try. We ate at the Organic Tofu House. Don’t worry, you’ll get my lunch pick tomorrow 🙂

Back to the restaurant review. They don’t use MSG there :). We both ordered tofu bowls to start and we each got a salad with peanut dressing. It was good. I was starving so it was gone in about 3 seconds. You also received 3 dishes to share: kim chi, mung beans and some type of compacted seafood dish. We didn’t know what it was so I took a bite and automatically spit it out because I’m allergic to shrimp.


It was very good though and tasted like crab meat. I ate the carrots in the dish and they were good. This was my first time having mung beans and I was in love. I thought they were bean sprouts at first. I need to research them and find out number one, where I can buy mung beans and number two, how to make them. The kim chi was good, a little spicy, but super flavorful.

I know what you’re thinking. What did we do with the raw eggs? We put them in the soup!

I ordered the Vegetable Soft Tofu and the vegetables were carrots, broccoli and squash. As soon as you get your soup, you crack your egg in it and mix it around to cook it. Super cool.


I really liked what I ordered. The broth had a super clean taste, the tofu was soft and the vegetables were cooked perfectly.

The service wasn’t very good though. I feel like that sometimes happens at small family owned restaurants?

I can’t wait to do back and try something else. Do you eat Korean food? What should I try next time?


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