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January 1

Instead of doing a separate post for all of the restaurants and places Brandon and I visited in DC, I’m going to try something new and write a day post. Let me know what you think about this in the comments. Good idea? Not good idea? I figure I can continue to write these whenever I do something exciting on the weekends.

For breakfast, really brunch, Brandon, his friend, his friend’s girlfriend and I went to Ted’s Bulletin. It is a local, popular restaurant that is famous for its homemade desserts (especially the pop tarts) and milkshakes (regular and adult). Unlucky for me (or really luckily because I have a sweet tooth), there were no gluten free fresh baked goods.

The waiter did tell me that they had homemade gluten free bread so I decided to order the mark on a off day. It came with a slice of gluten free toast, 2 eggs (I got scrambled), hash browns and bacon.


The bacon was good, but I should have asked for it crispy. I got like 8 pieces of bacon. I usually only get 2! The toast was super hearty and had good flavor. The hash browns were delicious. They were perfectly cooked on the outside and flavorful on the inside. The scrambled eggs were also delicious, one of the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant. They were so light and fluffy and seasoned to perfection, but I couldn’t discern the specific seasonings.

Needless to say, I ate everything on my plate. Brandon ordered the blueberry pancakes and they came with hash browns and 2 eggs (he got over easy). He loved his dish too.

After brunch, Brandon and I went out to do some sightseeing. We walked to and from the White House, Washington Monument, Museum of American History and Museum of Natural History. The American History Museum had an exhibit all about Julia Child’s influence on food in America. It was so interesting.

After taking a quick nap at the hotel, Brandon and I met up with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend again for a drink before dinner. We went to Black Jack. The bartender was fantastic and he created the best drink I’ve ever had for me. It tasted like apple cider, pumpkin spice and gingerbread. It’s truly an art what he created.

For dinner, Brandon and I went to Rice. I did a little research beforehand on the best gluten free restaurants in DC and this restaurant came up a lot. I was excited to eat there! It was a Thai restaurant that had a gluten free menu. I love Thai food.

For an appetizer, Brandon and I split the chicken fried rice. It was good, but we’ve had better.


For my dinner, I ordered the sautéed basil tofu with mixed vegetables. If I was eating with my eyes, it was A+.


I only got like 6 pieces of tofu and it was extremely spicy. I dug through and found actual slices of chili peppers in it and picked them out. They just blended in with all the other vegetables! My sauce wasn’t flavorful. It was just okay. Also, the rice it came with was weird. It wasn’t the normal jasmine rice as it was brown and had an aftertaste of coconut which was interesting.

The service wasn’t great either. Overall, the restaurant was eh. I wouldn’t recommend it.

After dinner, we hit the sack. We did almost 20,000 steps!


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