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January 2

Our last full day in DC was going to be a busy one!

Brandon and I woke up early and took an Uber over to the Holocaust museum. We were told that you had to get there early and get a ticket with a time slot as to when to return. We got there an hour before it opened and there was no line or tickets. The security guard told us that you only need a ticket in the warmer months and that there would be no wait.

Because the museum didn’t open for an hour, we went to get breakfast. Brandon got a bagel at the museum cafe and we went on quite a journey to find something I could eat. I ended up at Au Bon Pain and got oatmeal with craisins, raisins and sliced almonds with a banana.


It was very good and hearty.

Because we were far away from the Holocaust Museum, we went to the Newseum. It was a museum about the history of the news. It was so interesting. My favorite exhibit was about the FBI. If you go to DC, you need to come here. We were there for over 2 hours and only left because we were hungry and wanted enough time to go to the Holocaust museum.

For lunch, we ate at a food truck! There was an entire street full of them near the museums and Washington Monument. Most of the food trucks had Greek food. I’m not sure why? We both got chicken pad thai from the Thai truck and it was good, much better than dinner the night before.


After lunch, we went to the Holocaust museum. So insightful. You need to go there.

On our walk back, we stopped at Milk Bar. I picked up 3 of their gluten free cookies. I haven’t eaten any yet, but I’ll get a review up as soon as I do!


We took a little nap again and met up with the same people for a drink before dinner.

For dinner, Brandon and I went to Drafting Table. I would classify this restaurant as upscale bar food. We decided to just split 4 appetizers as there were so many options. They were all gluten free! THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

We got wings, spicy fish tacos, bacon wrapped dates and fried pickles.


All of the food was fantastic. The fried pickles and wings were so crispy, the fish tacos were very flavorful (I do wish there was more fish in them though), and the bacon wrapped dates, amazing. I’ve never had that combination before and I loved them! The service was excellent too. I highly recommend this restaurant.


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