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Bakery on Main

Bakery on Main makes gluten free oatmeal, granola and snacks. It is a small family owned company located in Connecticut. I had the opportunity to get a few samples of the products at the Gluten Free Food Expo back in November!

I received different flavors of the oatmeals, granolas and crunches to try.

Oatmeal: Apple Pie, Carrot Cake, Original, Blueberry Scone, Strawberry Shortcake

These oatmeals, I feel, either have too much flavor or too little flavor. I like plain oatmeal and adding in my own toppings (fruit, nuts, cinnamon, etc.)

I was very excited to try the Carrot Cake oatmeal. I love carrot cake and thought it would be interesting to have a more savory flavor. When you open the packet, you are overwhelmed by the carrot cake smell. 🙂


All you have to do it add water and microwave. Obviously, it’s oatmeal. Anyway, the oatmeal did not taste like carrot cake. It tasted like regular oatmeal, which is fine. I was expecting a carrot cake flavor since it smelled delicious. Nope.


The blueberry scone tasted more like blueberry. It was a little overpowering because it was a fake blueberry taste.

Granola: Cranberry Orange Cashew, Nutty Cranberry Maple, Rainforest Bana Nut Crunch

These tasted like regular granola. Nothing special.

Nut Crunch: Original

I liked this. It was a mixture of nuts with a little bit of granola. Very interesting. I’d pick this up if I found it in the supermarket. This is a good snack to keep in your desk at work to give you a burst of energy.

Have you tried Bakery on Main? What should I try next?


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