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Perfect 10 Klossie

Part 2 of the Klossie review. Since I tried the Rice & Spice from Milk Bar before this one, Perfect 10 Kookie, this review will end with a quick comparison. This cookie looked like it was a little bit more up my alley than the Rice & Spice, just by the name. According to taste, that was not the case.

This cookie didn’t taste like a cookie. It tasted like a granola bar. It was hearty, but not tasty. It was also quite dry. I had to drink a lot of milk and water with it.


This did take me a long time to eat, mostly because I wasn’t a fan of the taste. I enjoyed Rice & Spice 100 times more.

Now, I’m not looking forward to trying the last flavor, Coco, as much. First world problems.


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