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The Coco Klossie

It’s time for part 3! The grand finale: the coco. I purposely saved this for last because hello! Coco means Chocolate or Cocoa. Or so I thought. A lot of my initial thoughts recently haven’t beenΒ right. I should always think the opposite and then I won’t be disappointed. Disappointed isn’t the word to describe how I felt after trying this cookie. Surprised and taken aback are more appropriate.

Who would have thought that coco meant coconut? Had I read the ingredients, I would have… Anyway, this kookie/klossie was my favorite of the 3. It was tasty, sweet and it had the right amount of softness. There was also no aftertaste.


I actually wish I had another one to eat now. I highly recommend this klossie. The flavors blended so well together.

Which klossies have you tried? Let me know below!


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