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Trader Joe’s Organic Butternut Squash Soup

I bought the Trader Joe’s Organic Butternut Squash Soup on a whim. I like butternut squash, but I have to be honest, I’ve never tried it in soup. Mostly everything from Trader Joe’s is delicious so I felt like I had nothing to lose. I was right.

The soup was super creamy and rich. It hadΒ just the right amount sweetness with the right amount of spiciness. The soup was perfectly balanced. There was 4 servings in the box (1 cup per serving) and each cup was 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points. I thought this was a fair trade off because if you had it after your lunch or dinner, it could count as dessert. As we all know, with the new smart points, low point sweet and tasty desserts are hard to come by. This is a solution!organic-butternut-squash-soup

After you open the soup, just pop it in the fridge and finishΒ within 7 days. 4 meals of desserts or appetizers! Soup is also great to have before a meal too because it fills you up. That means you’ll eat less. Another win win!

I will definitely be trying more of Trader Joe’s soups in the future. Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know below.


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