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Banzai Hibachi

Brandon and I went to Banzai Hibachi last Saturday night; the weekend before the snow storm here. We both love hibachi and haven’t had it in about a year. That’s such a long time. We ate a super light lunch so we would have plenty of room for an early hibachi dinner! We ate at Banzai last year and were not disappointed then or now.

We both ordered the chicken and steak dinner. It came with miso soup and a salad for appetizer. I was so hungry that I ate both in about two seconds. We also ordered edamame and it was so good!

The hibachi chef uses a soy sauce that contains gluten. He didn’t have the gluten free sauce (the restaurant ran out) so he cooked my chicken, steak, vegetables and rice separately. He also used salt and pepper to season my food. He was very accommodating.


And it was delicious! I did have to take most of it home though… I just bought a groupon for it too so we can go back again! I love saving money.


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