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Weight Watchers Popped Chips

I decided to buy some chips at Weight Watchers when I got weighed this month. They were rebranding and launching some new gluten free options. Again, I don’t like eating foods with a lot of preservatives or ingredients, but the chips didn’t have that many. I also like the Weight Watchers chips because you get a lot of chips for minimal smart points (only 2!)

My mom and I used to buy the barbecue chips all the time. We stopped because we got sick of them. It was time to take the plunge again. They are still good and taste like regular barbecue chips.


I was excited to try the hummus chips. I’ve never tried a chick pea based chip before! I hoped it would taste like hummus and it does! They are interesting, taste great and I love it.


I really hoped that the Salt & Vinegar crisps tasted like regular salt & vinegar potato chips. They definitely do. I was never a huge fan of this flavor, but hey, it’s good.Β The potato flavor is a bit overwhelming.


What is your favorite flavor?


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