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Gen Sushi

Last Friday, the day before the snow storm, Brandon and I decided to go out to dinner since we would be snowed in on Saturday. We went to one of our favorite sushi/Chinese restaurants, Gen Sushi. This is definitely my second post about the restaurant so you all know that I really like it!

We started off sharing a chicken fried rice. It was very flavorful.


I ordered a spicy tuna roll and Brandon ordered a spicy tuna roll, spicy yellowtail roll and salmon with avocado roll. I love the spicy tuna rolls here.


I also ordered chicken with eggplant. Somehow, they were out of eggplant and I didn’t want to order anything else so I just ate a few pieces of Brandon’s sushi. Yay saving money!

It was another good experience except for the fact that they waited so long to tell me that there was no more eggplant…


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