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Glutino Pancake Mix

Last Saturday, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. Since it was snowing, we had no where to go. We figured we might as well cook!

I took out my Glutino Fluffy Pancake Mix from the pantry and got to work. It was simple. I just cut the recipe on the box in half to make 8 pancakes.

Now, the pancakes do look delicious. I threw a few blueberries in them to make gluten free blueberry pancakes! I served them with fresh blueberries, a sliced banana, butter and maple syrup.


The taste of the pancakes was a different story. They were very dry. I thought they were okay, but Brandon couldn’t eat them. He didn’t like the mix. I’m happy I didn’t make them from scratch. He’s happy too because he would have had to eat them.


Brandon reminded me that I haven’t liked anything I’ve tried from the Glutino brand. You would think that a brand called Glutino would have excellent gluten free choices. I’m finding that this is the opposite. I don’t think I’m buying anything from them anymore.


Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations on gluten free pancake mixes?


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