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Feel Good Foods Vegetable Egg Rolls

Another post where I did a little cooking for a premade gluten free product! Yes, this was the snow day lunch and we decided to go Asian. We had broccoli, leftover chicken fried rice (from Gen Sushi) and Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Vegetable Egg Rolls.

I was first exposed to Feel Good Foods at the Gluten Free Food Expo back in November. The food I sampled was absolutely delicious. It was so exciting to know that a brand makes gluten free dumplings and egg rolls! However, when it came time to buying them in the supermarket, my opinion changed because there’s a lot of sodium in their food! I know that’s typical of Asian cuisine but I don’t want to expose my body to that. I’m also semi allergic to a lot of sodium.

I took the egg rolls out of the container and microwaved them for 30 seconds on each side. I heated a pan of canola oil, placed the egg rolls in the oil and rotated them until they were cooked. It was very simple but a little messy.


Don’t they look delicious? They were! The outside pastry cooked perfectly and was very crispy. The egg roll was filled with vegetables and rice noodles. There was some spicy seasoning in the egg rolls too that added a nice touch.

I’m definitely going to try the chicken and vegetable egg rolls after this.

Have you tried Feel Good Foods? What are you thoughts and recommendations? Let me know below!


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