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Break-A-Way Snacks

I’ve seen Break-A-Way Snacks granola bars at every airport I’ve been in: JFK, LGA, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, etc. They are all natural, gluten free and have a lot of different flavors including coconut almond, quinoa apple cinnamon, chocolate banana, cashew chia, cranberry almond and mixed fruit. Whenever I travel, even though I bring my own food, I always overpay and buy a snack at the airport. No idea why. Does anyone else do this too?

I’ve tried 2 flavors Quinoa Apple Cinnamon and Coconut Almond. I liked the quinoa apple cinnamon 100 times more than the coconut almond. The coconut almond tasted like a normal coconut almond bar. It had full pieces of almond and coconut. It was just nothing special. I’ve had better. On the other hand, the quinoa apple cinnamon was delicious. I was intrigued because hello that flavor. It tasted like an apple pie but heartier. Next time I’m at the airport, if I don’t feel like trying a new flavor, I’m going to pick this one up. Or I’ll pick it up in addition to a new flavor! I’m living on the edge!

Have you tried any of the Break-A-Way snacks? Let me know below!


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