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Il Mulino

In Florida, we ate at the same restaurant twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. At least it wasn’t for the same meal or on the same day! I mean I’m all for eating at the same restaurant, especially more than once when you’re out of town, but only if it is delicious! Il Mulino was not that. It was overpriced, okay food and passable service. I know what you’re thinking. Amanda, tell me how you really feel. I really didn’t like eating at Il Mulino, but more about that below. I do have to give them props for offering gluten free pasta though.

On the first day for lunch, I ordered the gluten free penne with a spicy marinara sauce, garlic and basil. First off, I never have pasta for lunch and I tried to get the lightest dish on the menu. Second, the sauce was not spicy at all. It wasn’t even flavorful. I was surprised for the price tag ($29)! The pasta I make myself at home is much better.


On the second day for dinner, I ordered an appetizer and entree. For an appetizer, I ordered one of the specials: burratta with tomatoes, fresh basil and mango. This was not a burratta and I have no idea what I ate. The outside cheese layer was so hard, the inside was so mushy and there was no flavor. The mango was actually chopped up in the mushy part of the cheese. It was just gross and I didn’t finish it as it was barely edible.


It actually doesn’t even look nice in the picture!

For my main dish, I ordered the gluten free penne with white clam sauce. FUNNY STORY TIME. I’m eating my pasta and found a piece of spaghetti in it. I wasn’t happy and put it on my side plate. I dug around in the bowl and found another piece of spaghetti. I got up and explained to the waiters, that yes I understand I have gluten free penne, but there were pieces of regular spaghetti in my dish. I continued to go on to explain that once you mix gluten free foods with gluten, they are no longer gluten free. I got my message across after a few minutes.


I was sad because it was really good. They made me a new dish that was supposedly cooked separately. The sauce in my second dish was a different color (much darker) than the sauce in my first dish pictured above. I have no idea what that meant. Maybe there was gluten in that sauce? I didn’t get sick, but that’s besides the point.

Even though a restaurant offers gluten free pasta, that doesn’t mean they know anything about gluten free. I was surprised because it was a fancierΒ restaurant. I would not recommend eating at Il Mulino, at least the one in Florida. I know that I will not be trying any more of their restaurants because I had a terrible experience.


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