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BareBurger Part 2

True to my word, this weekend, I went back to BareBurger. I needed to have a burger! The salad just left me wanting more. On Valentine’s Day, Brandon and I headed over before going to the movies. Side note, we saw Spotlight and it was fantastic.

We were seated and the first thing that the waiter asked us was if we had any food allergies. I loved that. I alerted him that I was gluten free and he pointed out all the “GF” on the menu!

We started off with sharing a side of french fries and not a share of french fries. The side of french fries was not only cheaper, but was more than enough for 2 people. We didn’t even end up finishing them.

The fries were fantastic. They weren’t greasy, cooked perfectly and came with a delicious special sauce. The special sauce we think was a chipotle mayo and it paired perfectly with the french fries.


For my actual burger, I decided to make my own. I chose an elk patty on a tapioca rice bun with spinach, Β spicy pickles and chickpea onions.


I’ve never had elk before, but knew it was lean. It really did taste like beef. I loved it.

I didn’t know what the chickpea onions were and was intrigued. It was actually onions coated in chickpea flour and fried. It was nice to see that some restaurants are really embracing gluten free options!


My burger was delicious. I just added some ketchup to bun and it had a smoky flavor. I had no problem eating my entire burger. It was also cooked perfectly.


I will definitely be going back to BareBurger in the future. I loved all the options. Any recommendations on what I should try next time?


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