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Kwan Thai

My mom’s birthday was last week. She was feeling under the weather so we decided to get take out from a Thai restaurant called Kwan Thai. I’ve never eaten there and was looking forward to trying a new Thai restaurant. I’ll say it again: I love Thai food since everything is almost naturally gluten free.

My mom ordered Pad See Ew (broad noodles, egg and broccoli) with chicken. I had a bite of hers and it was good, not great. She thought it was okay.


I ordered the Pad Pak with pork. It was just steamed vegetables with pork. I wanted something nice, light and healthy for dinner. That’s exactly what I got. The vegetables were good, but my pork wasn’t edible and I ended up throwing it away. It was also served with white rice and not jasmine rice?


All in all, it was eh. I wouldn’t get take out from there again. I don’t know if I would eat in the restaurant because the take out wasn’t great.


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