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Eata Pita

Last week, I was in Manhattan and met my brother for lunch one day. I told him I wanted something light and healthy. He suggested that we go to the dining concourse of Grand Central because there were a lot of options. He was right!

The dining concourse had something for everyone. There was steak, Indian, dessert, Mediterranean, burgers and fries, a diner, Chinese, Japanese, etc. You get the idea. I highly recommend going there and I can’t wait to goΒ back toΒ try another stand. Ok, I got sidetracked. Back to the review of the actual food I got for lunch.

I chose Eata Pita because I love Greek food and the menu was interesting. I was also craving falafel. Unfortunately, the falafel was not gluten free 😦 so I just got a greek salad with chicken. It was huge and only $11. I feel like that doesn’t happen in Manhattan!


My salad had romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, orange and green peppers, grilled chicken, feta, grape leaves, olives and a spicy pepper. The dressing was a homemade vinaigrette that was fantastic! I passed off the olives and spicy pepper to my brother.

I will definitely be eating here again after trying some of the other stalls. Gotta mix it up!


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