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American Gluten Free

I won a contest on Instagram  from American Gluten Free. It’s a monthly subscription box where you’ll get gluten free foods from local businesses around the US. I don’t actually have a subscription, but this is definitely something I’ll be asking for when my birthday comes around. I think that featuring locally sourced foods produced by small businesses is a great idea!

American Gluten Free sent me some of Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines as well as a Kiss My Honey chocolate chap stick.

They enclosed a cute note too!


I had one praline. It was very good, but not my thing. It was hardened melted caramel with pecans. If that sounds like your thing, I’d recommend checking them out.


I love chap stick. You can never have too many! This lip balm was chocolate flavored and it actually smells like chocolate! It’s very moisturizing and I like that it is all natural as I shouldn’t be putting chemicals on my lips. I would definitely by this chap stick if I saw it in a store.

Are you subscribed to American Gluten Free? What do you think?


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