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Le Bon Choix

I’m going to cut to the chase. Le Bon Choix is my new favorite restaurant. I loved everything about it including the atmosphere, the food, the service and the gluten free options. Our waitress told us that the entire menu is gluten free except for the mac & cheese. The chef/owner is very aware of food allergies and takes them very seriously.

Le Bon Choix is an American style restaurant with influences of French cuisine. That was the only thing that made me apprehensive to eat there, but really, there was nothing to be afraid of. They also had an excellent brunch menu from what I read.

I want to compare Le Bon Choix to a Boston Market. Terrible comparison because this is actual food. Besides roasted chicken, there’s salads and sandwiches too. I would say those could be considered to be the lunch options while the chicken would be the dinner option. You choose your chicken, side and sauce. There’s many sides to choose from (about 10) and 4 homemade sauces. Brandon and I decided to split the whole Rotisserie chicken as it says it serves 2.


With my half of the chicken, I got cornbread, ginger carrots and the blanc bbq sauce. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the cornbread was so tasty. The ginger carrots were phenomenal. I never would have thought to combine the 2 flavors together. The blanc bbqΒ was traditional bbqΒ sauce mixed with horseradish. Again, a new combination for me that I loved.

Brandon got a side of mac & cheese and his sauce was espresso bbq. He loved his food too.

Now, here’s the real kicker. They had 2 gluten free desserts: blueberry pie and a chocolate cookie. Obviously, we had to get both heated up with ice cream.

The blueberry pie was an actual pie. I thought it was just going to be a piece! It was so tasty and delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet or sugary. It just tasted natural and not artificial. The crust was fantastic.


The chocolate cookie was also amazing. There were melted chocolate chips on the inside. It was just fantastic.


You definitely couldn’t tell either one of these desserts were gluten free. Brandon confirmed this.

I can’t wait to go back.

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