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My Dad’s Cookies: Black & White + Poll

I saw these My Dad’s Cookies Black & White Cookies at Fresh Market and had to pick them up. I love trying new gluten free desserts, especially new brands as I’m always on the look out for new desserts to try for you guys! Yes, I eat desserts for my blog. That’s how I rationalize it.

I love black and white cookies! My entire family actually does and since I was going over to my parents house for dinner, it worked out great. There were 7 mini black and whites in the package. It was $7.99 so it was a little over $1 for each cookie. It wasn’t a terrible price, but I wish that the cookies were bigger.


The cookies were okay. They weren’t great, but weren’t terrible. There wasn’t an aftertaste or really any type of taste. I wouldn’t recommend buying these cookies to buy them like I did. If you are a huge fan of black and white cookies though, I’d say buy them!


There were other types of cookies at the supermarket too and I want to try them! Fill out the poll below letting me know which cookie you want me to review next!



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