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California Tortilla

Last week, I went to California Tortilla for lunch. Since I love Chipotle and Mexican food (most foods are naturally gluten free), I was looking forward to it. I haven’t been to Chipotle since the e-coli outbreaks and I was deprived of Mexican fast food.

On the California Tortilla website, you can play around with the menu and customize their dishes or make your own. This feature also displays the nutritional facts! Needless to say, I spent a lot of time customizing my dish.

I ordered the Caribbean Mango Salad and it came with crisp greens, blackened chicken, mango salsa, avocado slices, tortilla strips (I didn’t get them even though it was a corn tortilla because the fryer wasn’t gluten free), cilantro and tomatoes, drizzled with Caribbean Mango sauce (I got the balsamic vinaigrette) on the side.


I really enjoyed my lunch. The chicken looked dry, but it was moist and tasty. I cut up the chicken, avocado and tomatoes and mixed everything together. Delicious.

I’ll definitely be going backΒ and either ordering the same dish (it was that good) or something different.


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