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BJ’s Brewhouse Part 2

Last week, I went to BJ’s Brewhouse for lunch again. I went with 2 of my co-workers, who haven’t been there before, and they were excited to eat there because I spoke so highly of it!

Because we were celebrating, I got the berry burst cider again. It’s so delicious.


I ordered the gluten free thin crust cheese pizza again. Once I discover something I like, I order it again. It didn’t not disappoint. I have to say to wasn’t as great as I remembered it being, but it was pretty delicious.


For dessert, my friend and I shared the gluten free chocolate chip pizookie topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. The pizookie was a chocolate chip cookie baked in a steel pan.


It was delicious! The vanilla ice cream paired perfectly with the cookie. The chocolate chips were all melty and the actual cookie wasn’t gummy. I was impressed.


Look at that melted ice cream! The pizookie was fresh out of the oven.

My friend, who isn’t gluten free, said she couldn’t tell the difference between this and a real chocolate chip cookie. Another win for BJ’s Brewhouse!


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