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Momma’s Kitchen

Last week, my friend and I met at Momma’s Kitchen for a quick dinner. It’s a small family owned restaurant and I’ve eaten there a few times. The items that are gluten free are denoted on the menu and there’s also gluten free pizza and pasta! I like eating here because there are so many options!

We decided to be very healthy and just order salads. I got the heart healthy salad, which I’ve ordered before and it was amazing! My salad had grilled chicken, tomatoes, red onions, baby greens and shaved parmesan. The pesto and citrus vinaigrette came on the side.


There was totally grilled chicken under the salad! I moved the salad to the side and put the citrus dressing on it and then poured the pesto sauce on my chicken. The salad was light and refreshing. I’m thinking about recreating it at home. What are your thoughts? Would you like a step by step tutorial? Let me know below!


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