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Organic Tofu House Part 2

Last week, my mom and I ate at the Organic Tofu House. I ate here back in December with my best friend and we really enjoyed it. My mom and I wanted something light and healthy for lunch. It was also really cold outside so soup was the perfect choice!

The starters I got this time were different than the starters I got last time. There was soy sauce in those. I didn’t get sick so it was a very minimal amount. This time I got the mung beans (still my favorite), broccoli and carrots and a salad. My salad didn’t have any dressing on it. The broccoli and carrots weren’t marinated in anything but they had the most amazing flavor.


For my main dish, I got the chicken soft tofu mild.


I liked it! I think I liked it better than the vegetable soft tofu because it reminded me of chicken noodle soup. The tofu was a good variation.

There was a lot of food to eat and it was cheap. The service this time was much better as they were more attentive to my gluten allergy. I’d eat here again and so would my mom. She’s looking forward to bringing my dad and brother there too!


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