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City Limits Diner

On the way back from Mohegan Sun, Brandon and I stopped at the City Limits Diner. It’s one of the best diners I’ve ever been to. We haven’t been there in forever and were looking forward to it.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted. There were so manyΒ choices. When I finally decided, I confirmed with the waiter that there was no gluten in my dish. He confirmed with the chef and said my food would be cooked separately.

I ordered the grilled chicken wrap not in a wrap. It came with curried grilled chicken, vegetable slaw, lettuce, cucumber raita and ancho chili remoulade. It was also served with mixed field greens. Double salad!


The chicken was delicious and cooked to perfection. Both sauces were fantastic. I took turns dipping the chicken into the sauces.

I can’t wait to go back and order something new. I highly recommend this diner.


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