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Chok Dee Thai Restaurant

My parents and I tried a new Thai restaurant last weekend. We went to Chok Dee Thai Restaurant based on the excellent reviews online and we wanted to see what everyone was talking about!

It’s a very small restaurant so if you want to eat there, you have to call and make a reservation (only accepted Friday and Saturday) unless you eat dinner at 5pm like us. Take out also seemed to be very popular and a good option.

At the end of the meal, we found out that the restaurant just reopened as the owners were in Thailand doing research for new dishes! How cool! I’m looking forward to checking those out.

Back to our actual experience. I told the waitress I had a gluten allergy and she responded with so no soy sauce on anything of yours and I said yes!

I started off with, and my parents got the same, the house soup with chicken and vegetables. Look at how clear that broth was!


The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the clear broth had very clean flavors.

I also ordered the summer rolls. In the online reviews, everyone was talking about the spring rolls that I couldn’t eat so I got the summer rolls. I figured it was the same thing. At least I told myself it was.


The summer rolls were lettuce, carrots, cilantro and tofu wrapped in rice paper with a peanut sauce and a ginger sauce on the side. It was delicious! I had one and my parents split one.

My parents also got the infamous spring rolls and they really enjoyed them. My dad said it was definitely one of the better spring rolls he has had.

Now onto the main dishes. My parents dishes aren’t gluten free (soy sauce), but could be made gluten free easily. All of the dishes were made to order.

My dad got the Pad Woon Sen with chicken. It was stir fried glass noodles with egg, onion, broccoli, carrot, cabbage and scallion. That’s his go to dish at any Thai restaurant we try and he really liked it!


I got the Pad See Ew with chicken. It was a stir fried broad rice noodle with egg and Chinese broccoli with sweet sauce. It was supposed to be a sweet soy sauce, but whatever sauce they used was fantastic! I loved my dish and would order it again in a heart beat.


My mom got the black bean sauce with chicken. It came with a bunch of different veggies and jasmine rice. She really liked her dish too!


Overall, we had a great experience. The food was phenomenal and this is now our favorite Thai restaurant.


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