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On my first day of work, my new co-workers took me out for lunch! My boss recommended we go to TreeHaus because there’s something for everyone there. He also said I should have no problem finding something to eat with my food allergies.

He was right. There was a hot food bar, a salad bar, and a counter where you can order sandwiches, wraps and salads. There was also a juice bar and a lot of gluten free snacks. Upstairs, there was a Japanese counter where you could get a sushi burrito or ramen noodle bowl.

I decided to get the salad/hot food bar. I had watermelon, kiwi, bok choy, broccoli, sautéed kale, marinated chick peas, cucumbers and tomatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables, roasted chicken breast and celery and carrot sticks.


It was really good! I do wish I got more protein.

There was a sign on the buffet saying that every Friday was gluten free Friday. Every item on the hot bar would be gluten free during lunchtime. I was all over that and went back on Friday with my dad and brother for lunch.

I got roasted vegetables, sweet potato, roasted chicken breast, roasted turkey, mac & cheese, potato pancake, chili cod and Brussels sprouts.


My dad got the chili cod, tilapia, green beans, sweet potato, brown rice and roasted veggies.


I really liked my food again and so did my dad! I also didn’t get stick afterwards as I was a little skeptical. I’ll definitely be going back.


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