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Cafe of Love

Last Saturday, Brandon, his mom and I went out for brunch for her birthday. We went to Cafe of Love and after looking at the menu online, I wasn’t excited. There weren’t any gluten free options, actually not a lot of options in general.

We had a reservation, but when we got there, our table wasn’t ready because there was a big party. We ended up having to wait about 25 minutes. If we weren’t celebrating, we would have left. The restaurant wasn’t off to a good start.

I ordered a sangria to start and it was delicious even though it was red wine and I prefer white. Okay, redeeming. I decided to order the New York chicken salad (our waitress recommended it; I was torn between that and the skinny tuna salad) not on bread and it came with fries. I was okay with my order.

Brandon’s mom proceeded to ask if they had gluten free bread and the waitress was like oh my gosh, we have a gluten free roll. I said yes please! Now I had a full meal and I was happy.


My sandwich was delicious. The chicken salad had chicken, persimmons, radicchio and celery mixed in a citrus yogurt. I ate the entire thing and all the fries. I even thought the ketchup was great because it had a smoky flavor.

For dessert, we shared the chocolate verrine. Brandon and I noticed everyone was ordering it so we had to as well.


Look at that. It had chocolate pudding, chocolate mousse and chantilly cream (it was fancy sweet whipped cream). It was phenomenal. I’d go back solely for the dessert.

I enjoyed my food much more than I thought. Since it’s far, I don’t know if we’d go back, but if we are ever in the area, definitely!


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