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Dreaming Cow Dark Cherry Chai Yogurt

I saw Dreaming Cow Yogurt at Stop and Shop. I usually don’t stop to look at new brands of yogurt, but something about this caught my eye. It was also on sale so that helped. I read the ingredients and surprisingly enough, there was no sugar or fake sugar! I had to pick them up because they are flavored. Besides Siggi’s, I haven’t found naturally flavored yogurt.

I picked up 3 different flavors that Stop and Shop had: Dark Cherry Chai, Vanilla Agave and Strawberry Pomegranate. I’ll review each of them as I try them. First up, Dark Cherry Chai.

Full disclosure, I picked this one to start with because it expired the soonest.

The flavor of the yogurt was really good. It tasted like melted cherry ice cream. Yes, melted. The only downside was it was very runny.


It hit my sweet tooth. I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors and hopefully finding more flavors in other supermarkets. What flavors have you tried?


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